Found this roll of film in a camera I haven’t used in a couple years. Happy Wednesday. MADLOVE - Scottylib

Put on a MADLOVE T-Shirt….or don’t.

Put on a MADLOVE T-Shirt….or don’t.

MLTI realize I’ll probably never make it in the advertising world. Even when I’m trying to push my own product I get side tracked and lost in the moment. The shoot was simple : put girl in shirt, point camera at her, pull trigger. Fifteen minutes later it was : take girl out of shirt, use shirt to wipe sweat off forehead.

Anyways, heres the skinny on the shirts…

- MADLOVE graphic on the shirt was…

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MPC : East Bay Hustle

MPC : East Bay Hustle

Maybe not the best beat for lyrics but the guitar is dirty. The sample is from an Ohio Players vinyl I bought for 50 cents at a flea market in Oakland.

MADLOVE – Scottylib

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Lands End

April in March

ACX : Day Turns Night

MPC : Summer City Summer city by scottylib

One Day w/D2K

MADLOVE - Scottylib